The original hyaluronic gel dermal filler, Restylane is a safe, smooth and skin-compatible dermal filler for wrinkles, folds, lips and under eye hollows.

Instantly create a more youthful and energetic appearance by eliminating aging lines and wrinkles. Restylane is made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance almost identical to that already existing in your body. There is no need for allergy testing and no worry about unpredictable outcomes.

In the US, the FDA has approved Restylane for wrinkles and folds. It can also be used for frown lines, smile lines, as a fill for the area above the lips to minimize vertical lip lines, marionette lines, chin augmentation, brow asymmetry, drooping mouth corners, chicken pox and acne scars.

Hyaluronic acid, the natural sugar that Restylane is made from, is virtually unmatched in hydrating the skin — resulting in increased smoothness, softening, elasticity and decreased facial creases. Hyaluronic acid molecules can hold 1,000 times their weight in water, adding a maximal hydration effect to skin tissues. The way your skin looks is directly related to the way your skin is supported. As we age the natural support layers in the skin break down. This breakdown process results in the wrinkles we see in the mirror.

Restylane becomes the support replacement, gently lifting wrinkles the same way your natural hyaluronic acid used to.

A very versatile filler, Restylane fills wrinkles, increases fullness and enhances the lips. It helps define the lip line and can even fill scars and plump up facial areas that have lost their youthful appearance.