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We believe in a patient centered approach focused on maximizing your inner health with early detection of illnesses, preventive strategies and lifestyle changes customized to each individual. As an integral part of the community we recognize our responsibility to promote our wellness program. Our goal is to educate each client to make the best choices and restore a state of balance, healthy well being and graceful aging. Discover Timeless Rx and how you can turn back the hands of time and never look back!

Reclaim Energy

Discover the Power of the Pellet to Look, Feel & Act Young Again! Pellet Therapy is proven to be the most effective way to restore proper hormonal balance, healthy well-being & graceful aging in both men & women.

Boost Confidence

Lose weight and wrinkles, banish skin blemishes, and unsightly hair where there should not be any. Now is the time for you to have that smooth youthful radiant skin you always wanted. Boost your body confidence with Timeless Rx!

Live Better

Now is the time to refresh and rejuvenate your body and your life. A healthy lifestyle is something each and every person can achieve regardless of age. Call or come in today and see what Timeless Rx can do for you!

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Meet our Staff
Timeless Rx
John Simon

Dr. Simon is the founding member of the largest renal practice on the Northshore, Northlake Nephrology Institute.

Timeless Rx
Reba Weymouth

Reba's roles are multifaceted with a vast knowledge in Infectious Disease, Cardiology, Wound Care and Anti Aging.

Timeless Rx
Sam Bazille

As part of the Timeless Rx team, Sam is dedicated to educating every patient about their skin and delivering exceptional aesthetic services.